3 Corner Contracting was formed in late 2010 by Doug Kleiner who recognized the need for contractors to do better in the market place.  For example, it is all the little things that make a difference:

* Cleaning up after one’s self
* Showing up on time
* Calling back when called and
* Most important of all, taking pride in our work

Some call it the old fashion way of doing business (although we are not old fashion, just our morales are old fashion).

Our Priority is our customers

Our priority is customer satisfaction, period. All companies say they want customer satisfaction but we take it one step further.  We care about the work we perform and our reputation in the market place.  If you are tired of dealing with contractors who are not responsive, don’t show up on time or otherwise disappoint you, try us.  We treat all our customers as we wish to be treated when we are the customer!